The Real Secret to Attracting Women

You can do a search for dating advice online and come across thousands and thousands of pages full of tips and tricks. You can learn pickup lines, how to approach a woman, or how to use body language correctly. But the real secret to attracting women goes beyond this stuff. It comes down to your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle is so important for several reasons. It can take a boring dude and make him interesting. It can inject an otherwise average guy with cool. And most importantly, an interesting lifestyle will give you endless amounts of experiences to talk about.

You see, a huge part of ‘game’, is the ability to talk to a woman in an interesting way for hours and hours. Most guys simply can’t do this and what do most guys get? Nothing. But if your lifestyle consists of constantly doing new things or visiting new places, you’ll be able to talk and relate forever.

You don’t have to have a ton of money to live an interesting lifestyle. All you need to do is get your butt off the couch and get into the real world. Experiences don’t often happen in front of a television screen. Captain Ron once said, “If anything is going to happen, it’s going to happen out there.”

Picking up girls doesn’t come down to a pickup line or gimmick. Those might be necessary to open a conversation but it’s what you say afterward that’s going to determine whether or not you get laid. And if you have an interesting lifestyle, I’ll guarantee you get what you want.